Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'd Rather Laugh With The Sinners

I am not an atheist. I'm not. I don't think this is it for me. I don't think we get just this one chance and I don't think it's all for nothing. I believe in God. I love people.

But oh I despise organized Christian religions.

I despise them for their hatred and ridicule of gays. For their opposition to letting me do with my own body what I want to. For their protesting outside the WomenCare center in my neighborhood and harassing girls and women that are already scared and upset and facing an extremely difficult and heartbreaking decision. For their ridiculous, backward and often contradictory "morals." For their manipulation of young minds to inherit this disgusting hate. For their corruption and their bastardization of The Bible from a guide of morality and friendship and love, to a Constitution of Insanity that they use to justify their hatred. For their complete disregard and ignorance of observed, proven, scientific FACTS. For their attempt to control people and change people so that everyone is just like them in the form of missionaries. For their appalling collection of money to propel themselves further. For their oppression and rules and restrictions on why I cannot enjoy the life that God gave me the way that makes me happy and doesn't hurt anyone else. For their refusal of birth control that causes teenage girls, mere babies themselves, to be mothers. For their refusal of medical care for their sick children.

I've seen my despicable Catholic neighbors knock my brother's teeth out with a metal baseball bat, and still be superior to us because they go to church on Sunday and God forgave them.

I've seen the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (better known as Mormons) steal my parents' money and monitor their lives to make sure they weren't drinking coffee or wearing regular undergarments.

I've seen a woman marry the man she loves and the father of her child and be exiled because the man is black and her son is half and half, his grandparents unwilling to touch him.

I've seen the dark side of Christian religion. The intangible ideals that make me sick. And the people who are "good" because they are "saved" while I sit here, a Godless heathen, going to Hell for loving others as Jesus did and not judging them for being gay, or drinking alcohol on occasion or having an abortion because they can't afford to start a family at 16.

So you know what? I will love those people anyway.

I will love you even though I don't go to church.

I will love you even though I take birth control.

I will love you even though I buy my underwear at Target and not a temple.

I will love you even though I think it's okay to have an abortion if you need to.

I will love you even though I believe in modern medicine.

I will love you even though I drink a goddamn Coca Cola and GASP! a glass of wine every now and then.

I will love you even though I take the name of God in vain.

And I will see you in Heaven.