Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've Done It Again

For those of you that know and love me (since, to know me is to love me), you may be aware that I always seem to be doing laundry. This is mainly due to the fact that I am always talking about doing laundry.

A casual, "Man, I've gotta do laundry. I'm running out of work clothes" nestled into each conversation.

Complaints that I have nothing to wear.

Canceling plans because I have to stay home and do laundry.

But really, where am I going with this?

Well. I'm glad you asked.

You see, at least once every two months or so, it is inevitable (yet accidental) that I will make all of my light-colored clothing blue. A pale, pretty blue. However, sometimes a girl just wants a white tank top, you know?

So last night I threw a navy blue dress in the wash with the rest of my stuff and am now magically wearing a pale blue and white tie-dyed tank top underneath my pink Victoria's Secret hoodie (Eat your heart out, Giant Limp Noodle ex-boyfriend!).

Luckily, I've found that this pale blue color bleaches back to white quite nicely.

But why? Why am I telling you this?

Beats the hell out of me!

Enjoy the following videos that I promised my mom I wouldn't post on Facebook:


Monday, June 29, 2009

First real blog

Why yes, it did take me all night to come up with that title. Tossing and turning...with your mother.

Oh, I went there.

Anyway, on to more serious business: I'm sure these past few days have been nerve-racking for most of you loyal, devoted, non-existant cyber fans. You've endured nail-biting suspense whilst waiting, nay, aching to know what I think of the death of Michael Jackson. (Yes, I can read your minds, and no, I will not.)

Truth be told, I have always been a fan and a sympathizer. I mean sure, the man had issues. We all have issues. But I have and will never believe the child molestation allegations. Never.

I maintain the fascination that I've held from childhood when I used to ask my mom if Michael Jackson could sleep over so we could have waffles in the morning. I remember watching the video for "Black or White" over and over again. I remember crying, even as a seven-year-old while I listened to a cassette in my mom's car of "Heal the World." I remember singing "Man in the Mirror." And just last year I, an awkward white girl, totally bought Ebony magazine because he was on the cover.

And I will always remember Michael Jackson as a man who changed the face of music and dance. A passionate humanitarian. A tarnished, slandered boy in a man's body. A legend.

Goodnight, Michael. Your legacy will tide us over until we see you again.