Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life's Burning Questions

You could concern yourself with wondering where on Earth I have been for the past bajillion years that is so important and busy and awesome or (depending on whether you're a Glass Half Full or Half Empy kind of person) atrocious that I couldn't post.

Or you could wonder along with me at the following burning questions:
  • Why does the vending machine at work not take nickels, but will give them as change? Where do they come from?!
  • Why does one of the people that live in my house (they all deny it) place bottles that look like this upside-down in the washcloth rack so that all of the contents settle in the top and I can't get anything out? Do they not understand gravity?
  • Why do people wait until the very last second to get over when a lane is clearly ending? It would save us so much time and road rage.
  • Why did that creepy man follow me in from the parking lot this morning whilst detailing to me his theory of time relativity? No, seriously. He said that.
  • Why is it that whenever I really want to see a band, something bad happens like a flat tire, or mono, or the only member of the band having kidney stones? Boo!
  • Why did I not ask more about this supposed "adjustment period" to these rigid gas permeable contacts before getting them? Ouch.
  • How did I accidentally sign myself up for ballroom dancing lessons? Like, seriously, how does one do such a thing?
  • Is it wrong to wait until you are on meds for depression before telling your father that you failed out of school and are starting at a community college in two weeks?
  • What happens if they don't medicate me and I stay sucky and miserable?
  • Who am I going to have to kill if I don't get my refund for Owl City? I am SO not wasting my $40 for pavillion seats to see Maroon 5 play their new album.
  • Why does God send all orange striped cats to live at my house?
  • Why did I think I could watch Repo! The Genetic Opera and NOT be disturbed/traumatized for the rest of my life?
  • Why am I writing this drivel?



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