Monday, June 29, 2009

First real blog

Why yes, it did take me all night to come up with that title. Tossing and turning...with your mother.

Oh, I went there.

Anyway, on to more serious business: I'm sure these past few days have been nerve-racking for most of you loyal, devoted, non-existant cyber fans. You've endured nail-biting suspense whilst waiting, nay, aching to know what I think of the death of Michael Jackson. (Yes, I can read your minds, and no, I will not.)

Truth be told, I have always been a fan and a sympathizer. I mean sure, the man had issues. We all have issues. But I have and will never believe the child molestation allegations. Never.

I maintain the fascination that I've held from childhood when I used to ask my mom if Michael Jackson could sleep over so we could have waffles in the morning. I remember watching the video for "Black or White" over and over again. I remember crying, even as a seven-year-old while I listened to a cassette in my mom's car of "Heal the World." I remember singing "Man in the Mirror." And just last year I, an awkward white girl, totally bought Ebony magazine because he was on the cover.

And I will always remember Michael Jackson as a man who changed the face of music and dance. A passionate humanitarian. A tarnished, slandered boy in a man's body. A legend.

Goodnight, Michael. Your legacy will tide us over until we see you again.



  1. Nice job on your first post, girly!

  2. you bought an issue of ebony? Hardcore! Still have it?

  3. I pray I do still have it! I remember finding it under my bed when I was cleaning my room, and hope I didn't throw it out!

    And thank you! I tried.