Tuesday, September 6, 2011

College Life by Kels

My sister started her first day of classes at the University of Michigan (the real one) today. As usual, she had lots to say on the matter.

On hygiene: "Guh. I can't get ready because my suitemate is bathing! I wanted to be able to get breakfast. Pooey."
"Go eat and then bathe."
"Hail no! I can't go there with my hair looking like this!"

On cafeterias: "Eat awrone."

On navigating the campus: "Have you ever seen the episode of friends where they're in England and Joey needs to jump in the map?"
"Lol yes."
"That's what I'm about to do."

On meeting new people: "Can't tell if gay or just good style." and then later "Definitely gay." followed by "Messenger bag boy! Where'd you go? I wanna marry you."

On getting to class early: "Cold and alone."

On being in class: "Hot professor alert...he might be gay too."

On getting out of class: "All by myselffff."

My baby sister's all grown up. And I miss her.

Tomorrow I start school too. Here goes nothing.


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