Monday, November 16, 2009

In Which I Go All Passive-Agressive And Cranky

You have been forewarned.

I don't have any real friends*. As in friends-that-care-at-all-about-me.

Oh sure, they'll Facebook me every now and then all, "Oh em gee, I miss you! I haven't seen you in foreverrrrrrr! Coffee sometime?" but that's about where it ends, you see. Because when I wanna see them, they flake out on me.

They have plans or homework or say maybe and then just never show up. Some even go to the trouble of contacting me AND making plans only to repeatedly break them.

So I'm fine to talk to when I'm the only other person online, and Facebook comment and text when you're all bored, but when I'm feeling lonely and want to actually make human contact with you Fair Weather Douchebags, you can't pencil me in? Awesome. The only people that want to see me are my boyfriend or are related to me.

So I'm cancelling bar night. Because I don't want another repeat of my 14th birthday where only one person showed up and could only stay for a half an hour.

You guys can go to Hell.


*Please note that I didn't mean to generalize. Some people are out of town (i.e. Jen) and excused.


  1. that is because I'm never invited, must be because I'm the old guy...

  2. But you were invited. You declined.