Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unintentional Hiatus

Hi kids!

I don't mean to neglect you, (You know I love you, baby!) but I've been rather busy/stressed recently which entailed sleeping through my alarm (twice) and stress dreams in which I told my mother I was moving out and she began to bawl and eat pizza. Then a lady came by selling coffee cake and she bought the whole thing and continued to cry and eat and I woke up sobbing because I had made my mommy so upset.

Where was I? Oh yes. Well this will be a short post because 1. I'm working (shh!), b) I'm tired/lazy, and 3. I don't really have much of interest to talk about.

So let's do a quick run-down and get on with our lives, shall we?

Let's see: My brother pierced his lip (in a car on our driveway by some girl we've never met), ate 3lbs of burrito (pictures later, I promise), and got left at the mall by his ex-whore.

My sister is in New York and ALMOST DROWN yesterday. Basically, she and Lauren swam out a little too deep and while they were panicking, some dude showed up and was all, "Are you guys okay?"

And they were all, "No! Glub glub..." (Alright, I embellished with the glubs! Sue me!).

And then he LEFT. Dude. Left.


The boyfriend got a job which is awesome because now he buys me flowers when he screws up (like when he lies about how many girls he's ba...nevermind) which is often, but I love him anyway.

And we went shopping and were in Aeropostale so late that the mall closed and I DIDN'T GET MY MOM HER GYMBOREE BUBBLES (Don't ask.) which is all she wanted and I felt so guilty that I had that terrible dream and I cried this morning when I told her about it and we are going to the mall today to procure said bubbles.

Going to see the Temptations and Four Tops tomorrow night with the Dadster and yeah.

And I've been excited/stressed/scared/HOLYCHRIST I'M GONNA DIE! about something I'm not talking about for a while, but stay tuned, people because it's a doozy (Spoiler Alert: I am NOT pregnant!).

So, can I be done yet? The End?



  1. So I love that you did the 1) b)3). It reminds me that you're probably as phuqued up as I am.

  2. Haha I'm glad you caught that! I was hoping that everyone wouldn't think I was just stupid. Bravo! Brownie points granted. Except I don't like brownies. So ice cream points. The End.